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PowerSTEP01 Manufacturing Delays

Question asked by Smith.Howard.002 on Jan 23, 2017

What's going on with the PowerSTEP01s? Seriously, it's been over a year since they went into production yet every distro who sells them are reporting manufacturing delays, and when you contact them it's the same old thing "we've been trying to get information out of ST regarding these chips for some time now and they never get back to us".


Mouser are currently reporting a manufacturing lead time of 28 WEEKS!? They state that they currently have 934 on order and that the estimated dispatch date was 11/08/2016... 


Does anyone have any info or news on this? I'm sure I'm not the first or only person to say this, but at this rate I'm going to have to redesign everything we currently have that uses these elusive chips...