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STM32F207 Nucleo 144 UART1 Baud Rate

Question asked by Kale.Sumit on Jan 23, 2017
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i want a baud rate of 5 mbps on UART1/UART6 on STM32F207 Nucleo Board (As per reference Manual UART1 & UART6 can have baud rate up to 7.5 Mbps). However when i am configuring in STM Cube MX i am getting baud rate of 3.7 mbps max for both UART1 & UART6. I have checked clock configuration many times.


HCLK= 120 MHz, APB1= 30MHz, APB2=60 MHz exactly. In Addition to this i also tried to give Input frequency of 25MHz (26 MHz max).


Still i am unable to cross 3.7 Mbps (max possible value as per Cube Mx)


So can anybody suggest me possible solution??.