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STM32CubeMX won't configure PA7

Question asked by bocquier.robert on Aug 19, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2014 by Amel N
Hi all,
I am trying to configure a STM32F302VBTx using STM32CubeMX, and I am experiencing a strange behavior with ADC2/IN4 (PA7).

Steps to reproduce:
  • create a new project
  • picks STM32F302VBTx
  • enable ADC2 IN3 as single ended (uses PA6)
  • enable ADC2 IN4 as single ended (uses PA7)
  • go to configuration, System, GPIO
  • look at GPIO mode: PA6 is marked as "Analog mode" (which is expected), but PA7 is listed as "n/a"
  • click on PA7 row, a warning says "There are no parameters to be configured" (while again PA6 works as expected)
Is it true that PA7 is somewhat special?
Is this a bug in STM32CubeMX database?

Thanks for any advice