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STM32F413 SRAM2 through I-Code/D-Code bus.

Question asked by mendes.ari.001 on Jan 17, 2017
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 I want to use the STM32F413 SRAM2 to run interrupt control loop routines, as I do for CCM-SRAM of the STM32F303.

 So I need to configure the SRAM2 to be acessed through the I-Code/D-Code bus (address 0x10000000) to burst the performance.


I didn't figure out how to do it reading the reference manual. 


SRAM2 can be acessed at the address 0x20040000 or at the address 0x10000000, or I need to to some register configuration to change de SRAM2 address from 0x20040000 to 0x10000000?


Can I use the procedure to run an Interrupt routine at STM32F303 CCM-RAM for the F413 SRAM2?