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SPI 1 does not work after migrating from stm32f1 to stm32f2

Question asked by TRIVEDI.RUTVIJ on Jan 18, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2017 by TRIVEDI.RUTVIJ

Hello folks,


I am working to migrate my firmware from stm32f103 to stm32f20f family, for that I have gone through the guide provide by st here.


Now my firmware includes spi (in master mode), GPIOs(in irq), Systick(configured in micros) all these are woking very well in stm32f1 and i am getting my desired output on tis MCU but when I migrated GPIOs(irq), SPI (tx irq), Systick works as expected but tough I am not getting my out put on spi slave device.


Here my slave device is 1.44 '' TFT LCD.


I am using Hal Library here.


For testing I did LED blinking it worked i also did uart but uart is also not working.


It seems like its something related to clocks.


I have configured my clocks on HSE 8 MHZ.


Requested to guide me here.


Also please let me know if i can provide any more details.


Thanks & Regards,

Rutvij trivedi