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New to external Sram Sdram

Question asked by ASSAAD on Jan 17, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2017 by T J

Hello all

We are new to external SRam and Sdram so I have some question we could don't verify the answer maybe because of language or lack of knowledge.


we need to add external ram to stm32f4  and stm32f7


So how to choose which is the memory is best for me SRAM or SDRAM  ; rather than the price ;

in our application it is an audio application ; in the previous version we read the audio file from USB flash to ram buffer  and then using DMA we write it to I2s ;   but  in the this configuration we have problems in the audio quality and that because of performing other tasks .

now  we thing to add external RAM and copy the whole Audio file once to ram ( about 1MB to 2MB ) ,

Now we : is it possible to map the DMA to external RAM  to write to I2S ? ( M4 and M7)

does that mean when I add an external RAM to my MCU that now I can define big buffers in my software directly ? whats is the speed performance of SRAM and SDRAM ?


Thank you all