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CubeMX 4.19: Nucleo-F4 Board Selection?

Question asked by Knee_Ph.D..Trahn on Jan 16, 2017
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Subject: CubeMX 4.19: Nucleo-F4 Board Selection?


Hi there,


I have CubeMX 4.19 installed with these 'FW' for  STM 32L1 & 32F4 processors:

- STM32Cube_FW_L1_V1.6.0

- STM32Cube_FW_F4_V1.14.0

My target: STM32 Nucleo-F401RE board that I am using to learn the STM series processors and libs, programming strategies. However, there is no board selection for any 'Nucleo F4' boards in the v4.19 CubeMX, yet there are board selections available for STM 32F4 'Discovery' boards as can be seen in the two screen captures below.


CubeMX v4.19 Missing Nucleo-F4 Board Selection Problem


CubeMX v419 Nucleo-F4 Missing Board Selection Problem



CubeMX v4.19 32F4 'Discovery' Board Selections are available


F4 Discovery Board Screen Shot


On the STM website, I find that there are only three F4 Nucleo boards being offered:



While it is true that I can likely kluge together a work-around project, I am using my Nucleo-F401RE board's Morpho-connectors (neato-feature) in a project, I wire-wrapped the prototype. So it would really be convenient to be able to use a CubeMX board initialization project configuration & any associated default connector labels.


Is this a bug or an oversight? Is a patch available that resolves the matter that I've missed? A planned future feature?

Thanks in advance,

gps engineer


Photo Inserts:

1) CubeMX_419 Nucleo-F4 Board Selection Problem.png

2) CubeMX_419 Discovery F4 Board Selection.png


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