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Freertos audio task freeze

Question asked by giffuni.felix on Jan 16, 2017



I have added an audio  task to the stm32f746g discovery project netconn udp echo server (Freertos + lwip ).

The audio task is very simple.I capture the audio data from the microphone and i play it back.

The audio code works in stand alone mode (without using freertos)  but when i use freertos the audio task and the ethernet tasks freeze .The audio is correctly processed ( audio in from microphone is played out without problem ) but the LED1 stop to toggle ( LED1 toggle in audio task ) and all ethernet tasks don't work anymore.


Here is my code of the audio task :


static void my_audio_thread(void *arg)


audioBuffer = (uint16_t *)malloc(MIC_SAMPLES * 2);

/* Init OnboardMIC */


BSP_AUDIO_IN_Record(audioBuffer, MIC_SAMPLES*2);


/* Update the Audio frame slot configuration to match the PCM standard instead of TDM */
/* ATT: size to play in bytes ! */
BSP_AUDIO_OUT_Play(audioBuffer, MIC_SAMPLES*2 * sizeof(uint16_t));





      vTaskDelay( 500 );




if i remove the line BSP_AUDIO_OUT_Play(audioBuffer, MIC_SAMPLES*2 * sizeof(uint16_t));

the others tasks are not stopped and LED1 toggle.


 If someone could help me to find out the way to resolve this issue it would be great!!!


Thank you.