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STM32 SPI receive always shifted 3-4 bytes

Question asked by kugler.volker on Jan 15, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2018 by salam.mark
Hallo,  i use the HAL to program a little test software to transfer data via spi between 
two STM32 Nucleo boards.

One board with a STM32L476 sends every 5 ms 74 bytes of data as a spi master with 625 kBit.
Chip select is used as GPIO output. clock is high if idle, CS is low active,
data valid with faling edge of clock.

A secon Nucleo64 should receive this 74 byte, configured as spi slave without NSS usage.
CS is used as an IRQ input with detection of the faling edge. DMA on den and receive, in normal mode.
I have programmed, that with the falling edge IRQ of the CS, the function
HAL_SPI_TransmitReceive_DMA() will be called. On the first NUCLEO i can adjust a time, so
that CS will be low a short time before the data was sent (I tried 50µs).
The slave receives data, but the data was shifted. So the first 3 or 4 bytes in my
receive-array will be the last 3-4 bytes of the telegram before. And then the new data was
in the array.

I don't understand that behaviour. Controlled with the logic analyser everything is correct.

Do you know a solution for that?

Best regards