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STM32F746 with STemWin 1024x600 LCD and GT811

Question asked by fournier.gaetan on Jan 12, 2017


I'm using the Waveshare Open746I-C Package B based on the STM32F746 development board with uVision 5 firmware development example for STemWin 7 inches 1024x600 LCD with GT811 touch screen interface. The firmware example was done originaly by ST and adapted to the Open746I-C hardware platform by Waveshare.

I did a migration from uVison 5 to VisualGDB and almost everything works. But after few weeks of work, I'm still trying to figure out what could be the issue for some part of the demo samples.

Working demo samples are:

GUIDEMO_Intro(), GUIDEMO_Bitmap(),GUIDEMO_YTransparentDialog() and GUIDEMO_Speed().

Demo samples that stop working after a while are:

GUIDEMO_IconView(), GUIDEMO_Automotive(), GUIDEMO_Treeview(), GUIDEMO_AntialiasedText() and GUIDEMO_VScreen().

I implemented the HardFault_Handler function and CFSR register shows an memory unaligned condition. The Call Stack window always show the same routines before the break:

> HardFault_HandlerC() C++ (gdb)
  <signal handler called>()
  memcpy() C++ (gdb)
  _DemoTreeview() C++ (gdb)
  GUIDEMO_Treeview() C++ (gdb)
  GUIDEMO_Main() C++ (gdb)
  MainTask() C++ (gdb)
  main() C++ (gdb)

After going through the entire code and configurations without finding any solutions, at this point any help would be greatly appreciated.