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BlueNRG with FreeRTOS

Question asked by davidson.jack on Jan 12, 2017
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Hi All,

I would like to use BlueNRG as a FreeRTOS task. I use an IBD04A1 board with a Nucleo 401 board.

Everything seems to be good, I copied the bluetooth handling codes into a task configured by CubeMX.

The task initializes the board and the infinite loop contains only



Bluetooth is working well (I can connect with an android phone), but no other task can run.

When I put a osDelay(1) inside the loop, the bluetooth cannot works (cannot discover it, and no connection), but other tasks canot run too.

If I call only the  getBlueNRGVersion(&hwVersion, &fwVersion); beginning of the task and there is only an osDelay inside the taskloop, it damages the multitasking system. Maybe some dead lock happened?


I can get any help where can I find the problem.


thank you