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Stm32CubeMX + CoIDE

Question asked by toth.janos on Aug 15, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2014 by toth.janos
Hello everybody!

I use CoIDE for develop applications to stm32f4 series. I checked Stm32CubeMx. This is a very good tool but not able to generate to CoIDE. I write a project converter tool, that can be convert TrueStudio projects to CoIDE. It is working. My problem is with the startup file and the linker script. Cube generate startup file and linker for the projects, but I don't know that these files good for CoIDE and Gnu-arm-gcc. I upload the Cube files and the CoIDE provided files. The CoIDE files: arm-gcc-link.ld and startup_stm32f4xx.c
Which files are good for the generated code and CoIDE with gnu-arm-gcc?

Thanks for the help