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STM32F1/F4 incompatible I/O

Question asked by PICguy on Dec 8, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2011 by teo.rene
From their respective RMs:
STM32F1... 0x4002 2000 - 0x4002 23FF Flash memory interface
STM32F4... 0x4002 2000 - 0x4002 23FF GPIOI

Thus a project predicated on STM32x compatibility must have at least different I/O base addresses based on processor type.  Damn!

I guess I have to say it again, “substantial compatibility” or in ST’s case, “compatible”, means incompatible.  Now I have to go through, identify all the differences and come up with a way to select the proper include files.

Does anyone know if the (possibly subset of) I/O offset address are always the same?