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STM32F303 Vbat battery voltage monitoring

Question asked by Holmes.Heidi on Jan 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2017 by Imen D

I saw the below statement in the datasheet and if it means what it says, that I can measure battery voltage, then how do I get this MCU to read my battery voltage? Are there extra components I need to get this to work, how would I hook this up, if no extra components requires, is this all through software, where are the codes, is there an example of schematic and/or code somewhere? I have yet to come across details of how to actually measure battery voltage using this embedded feature so if there is documentation somewhere that I missed, please let me know. Thanks.


3.13.3 VBAT battery voltage monitoring

This embedded hardware feature allows the application to measure the VBAT battery voltage using the internal ADC channel ADC1_IN17. As the VBAT voltage may be higher than VDDA, and thus outside the ADC input range, the VBAT pin is internally connected to a bridge divider by 2. As a consequence, the converted digital value is half the VBAT voltage.