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DfuSe Demo v3.0.1

Question asked by abbey.tony on Nov 26, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2012 by andarcia.marco
I am trying to use my new stm32f4-discovery board with the above DfuSe boot-loader. This loader worked OK with a previous ST ARM device the STM32F103. It now only seems to program a few hundred bytes of the pre-compiled applications (.dfu files). If I upload the data back, I can see the software title and a few more bytes as shown in this text output from the basic application:
DfuSeTargetInternal Flash  07_DBManta_Discovery_KitFIRMWAREProjectDemonstrationBinarySTM32F4-Discovery_Demonstration_V1.0.0.dfu!flÉUFD4*óA

If I try and load the audio application I get this:

DfuSeTargetInternal Flash  07_DBManta_Discovery_KitFIRMWAREProjectAudio_playback_and_recordBinarySTM32F4-Discovery_Audio_IntFLASH.dfu!flÉUFDJ#ˇm

Can anyone tell me what might be stopping the full download? The loader says it has been successful and verified OK.