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Using Keil's Event Viewer with FreeRTOS wrapped by CMSIS RTOS

Question asked by nagaoka.toshihiko on Aug 12, 2014

Hi, All


I'm working on following environment.

     Tool chain: Keil MDK-ARM 5

     Device/Board :STM32F429NI / STM32429I-EVAL1

     Code generator:STM32CubeMX

     RTOS:FreeRTOS wrapped by CMSIS RTOS

     Debug Trace Unit:ULINK Pro

     Debug Interface:+ETM, SW port(SWJ)

     Trace:Sync Trace Port 1-bit Data, Trace Enabled, ETM Trace Enabled, ITM port 0 and 31 enabled


I can use following Keil's debug tool.

     Debug (printf) Viewer

     Performance Analyzer


     Memory window


But, I can't use Keil's Event Viewer.


Please help me.