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eSCI and Virtual COM Port (PLS) for SPC653M

Question asked by Marco Perciavalle on Jan 10, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2017 by Erwan Y


I have some problems with serial communication with my board. Could someone help me, please?

I have an SPC563M board with SPC5-UDESTK (pls) for debugging. Is this device designed for Serial trasmission by virtual COM Port? If it isn't possible, why the drivers installed on my PC allow me loading VCP (enabling COM Port)? Moreover, is there another way to communicate with board using a serial protocol? I've read in "RM0015 Reference manual for SPC563MXX" that in this board there are two eSCI ports: how could I use these ports for my purposes? I've thought to use USB physical layer for this, is it right?

Thanks a lot for any answers.

Best regards.