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CubeMX 4.3 + IAR ARM 6.7 + STM32F4-DISCO

Question asked by kurochkin.konstantin on Aug 11, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2014 by kurochkin.konstantin
I have downloaded project for STM32F4-DISCO board ( CubeMX 4.3 ). I can export it to IAR, compile and download into board. But I can't turn on any led on board with standard instruction.
"GPIOG->ODR=..." is working good, but 
"GPIOG->BSRRH=..." or
"GPIOG->BSRRL=..." on next line of project can't change pin level...
I try to download MEMS-example for this board and make some change ( led turn on ) - it works with "GPIO_PORT[Led]->BSRRL" string...

What problem is it?