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Question about HALL_CalcAvrgElSpeedDpp function

Question asked by hankui zhang on Jan 9, 2017

I notice  wAux = pDVars_str->wPseudoFreqConv
hAvrgElSpeed = (int16_t)(wAux);
hAvrgElSpeed *= pDVars_str->SensorPeriod[pDVars_str->bSpeedFIFOGetIdx].bDirection;
and wPseudoFreqConv = ((pDParams_str->wTIMClockFreq / 6u) / (pParams_str->hMeasurementFrequency)) * 65536u;


I can't understand why need to divide hMeasurementFrequency,  wPeriod*6 is counts of one electric angle. 

Unit time divide wPeriod*6 should be the ElSpeed ,anyone can help me explain it, please.

Thank you all.