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STM32+External NAND/NOR FLASH+FatFs or STM32+eMMC with CubeMx

Question asked by fernandez.victor.002 on Jan 10, 2017

Hi everyone,

Long time ago i developed a storage system which consist on a STM32F411+SD Card working with FatFs. System works fine after some issues (lots of thanks for received help from this forum). It is able to store information and send the information which was stored throught an UART interface.

Now, i'm trying to improve this system and i am looking for information about external NAND/NOR Flash memory interfacing with FatFS library using FSMC peripheral. Would do somebody be so kindfull to send me or show me where there are information or code examples about how to perform this interface?.

Another option is to employ and embbemded MMC device (eMMC), but CubeMX only allow to interface with SD card (employing FatFS library). I'm using a STM32F411REx NUCLEO board. are there a way to use eMMC with fatfs employing CubeMX with this (STM32F411REx) or another MCU?

Thanks for your time.