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STM32F429IDiscovery USB device MSC device descriptor request failed (Windows error code 43)

Question asked by Amaral.Alex on Jan 8, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2017 by Amaral.Alex

Hi all, I imported the basic USB device MSC project from version 4.18.0 of CubeMX and plan to interface this with an old IDE hard drive to make a USB drive reader. But with the device callbacks themselves still empty just to test the USB side I connected the board's user USB port and found that it's not enumerating properly with windows. Does anyone know what I have to edit from the basic template because most of the files are read-only and the Cube documentation for this middleware doesn't mention having to implement anything other than the storage itself.


I used the boards on-board 8 MHz clock to get the necessary 48 MHz for the USB with PLL settings /M=4, *N=120, /P=2 and /Q=5. I've increased my heap size in the STM32F429ZITx_FLASH.ld to 0x2710 as was suggested on another forum I saw. Other than this the code is straight from the Cube generated template so perhaps I've misunderstood something in the usbd_conf.c or usbd_desc.c files that were generated, as near as I can tell they seem complete so is there something I need to add to them in order to get the USB working?


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