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STM32F107VC LWIP DHCP / TCP / UDP Input Issue

Question asked by Beyzade.Daniel on Jan 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2017 by Mohamed Fakhfakh


I am using a custom board with a STM32F107VC processor. I am trying to get LWIP working in combination with FREERTOS. I am building using STM32Cube and importing into STM32 System Workbench,

I can see DHCP packets being sent from my controller, arriving on the network (seen via wireshark). My DHCP server responds, but the micro controller does not seem to be able to process the message correctly.

I can see that the tcpip_input thread is being called because I can put a breakpoint into it. This then progress into sys_mbox_trypost() which seems to be failing with a -1 ERR_MEM which has a note above it "could not post, queue must be full"

Does anyone have any idea what the issue may be?

Thank you