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X-NUCLEO-CCA02M1 Expansion sample program problem

Question asked by Khan.Muneeb on Jan 8, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2017 by matteod

I have got a strange problem with X-NUCLEO-CCA02M1 expansion board interfacing with NUCLEO-L476RG. I have followed Getting Started quick start guide to test the functionality of MEMS mic through the audacity(v2.1.2) software as mentioned in  doc. I have loaded the test binaries to the X-NUCLEO-L476RG and I am able to get the device recognized as “STM32 AUDIO Streaming in FS Mode” both in my device manager and Audacity software’s microphone list. Now when I start recording in Audacity I get random signals not even close to a normal sound waveform. I have also attached the screenshot of what I am getting along with waveforms of sound I recorded with my internal mic array.
I have very little knowledge of internal programming of the test application but consulting UM1900 Getting started guide section I can confirm the jumper connections on board are exactly same as mentioned in this section. I have checked on two windows based machines one is running windows 10 64-bit and other windows 7 64-bit but results are same. I am looking forward for your guidelines to debug the issue. I am sure there is nothing wrong in compiled binaries as I am getting Audio device recognized, I suspect this could be a hardware issue.