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STM32F427ZIT6 stability issue @180MHz

Question asked by Rusinsky.Jan on Jan 6, 2017
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I am trying to find out why STM32F427 is crashing into HardFaultHandler in new batch of PCBs.

Please note firmware is proven and is running fine on many boards without any issues, but with new batch of PCBs, microcontroller is not stable at 180Mhz. I found out, that when I decrease clock (HCLK) for example down to 150Mhz, MCU is running fine, but with 180Mhz MCU is falling into HardFaultHandler (from random code locations). Even if i try debug simplest possible "blink LED" loop firmware. Clock source is 25MHz crystal, power supply 3.3VDC.

Did anyone encounter similar issue, any ideas?