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Why not STM8 wish list?

Question asked by travkin.roman on Jan 5, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2017 by Thomas Borowczak

Today I've received email from ST with link to this 2017 STM32 Wish List . So, why there no stm8 wish list? ST has forgot their low child, no any improvements anymore?

Anyway, this is my list:

  • Start supporting sdcc development. This is the only (working) opensource compiler for stm8. And when I say "opensource" I mean "no license limitation on use, code size, optimization or time expiration; works on linux, win and mac; anyone can participate in development (if wants)". It's shame, that ST is ignoring chance to get reasonable C compiler in such low cost.
  • Open st-link and st-linkv2 USB-to-SWIM communication protocol. This will help to improve opensource flashing tools (GitHub - vdudouyt/stm8flash: program your stm8 devices with SWIM/stlinkv(1,2) ).
  • It would be nice to have possibility to debug stm8 code not only on windows®, but other OSes too. AFAIK ST uses gdb, so with opened stlink protocol specs and gdb sources it's just matter of time to make this reality.