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Problem with the Motor Profiler STM3240G-EVAL, motor twitches

Question asked by Kreiter.Daniela on Jan 5, 2017
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I have a STM3240G-EVAL Board and the IHM023V3. My Problem is, when I connect everything,  "Overcurent" is blue in the LCD. When I press the "Fault ack Button"  all is ok, but the Motor is twitches a little bit and the "iq ref" switch from 0 to 4000 every nearly second, so the MotorProfiler doesn´t work an show me a time out. What is wrong? Can everyone help me please?


I know, that the IHM023V3 the MP does not support, but I read, that the IHM025V1 very similar and I can take it thus.


0 Ohm resistor is remove: R51, R34, R58

                            soldered: R204, R66, R205

Solder Bridged soldered: SB14,15,16,10,12,11