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STEVAL-IDB007V1- debug problem

Question asked by on Jan 5, 2017

Hi, I'm working with the board STEVAL-IDB007V1 and it works correctly with the PC Tool BlueNRG-1 Navigation. I have some problems when I want debug the project Demo sensor: I tryed to use ST-LINK and also the J-LINK but in both cases I have some problem:


With ST-LINK I can download the application in the target but when I try to stop the debug or put a breakpoint, the IAR stucks and I can't continue the debug. I must restart the debug session. I'm using IAR7.80.2


When I use JLINK I have a different behaviour: I can download the application, stop, put breakpoins and so,  but the speed of the LED1 is different if I'm in debug mode or not. When I' in debug mode the led LED1 blick very slowly and after about 10 second I'm not able to communicate with the iOS App. But whe I disconnect the debugger and reset the board all works correctly and I can see the data in the iOSApp. Why the led LED1 blinks with different speed when I'm in debug mode only?


Someone with the same problems? Can someone help me?