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Re synchronisation of 2 M24M02-DR eeproms

Question asked by L.Sivaram on Jan 5, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2017 by S. Marsanne

I am trying to implement Application note AN1471, There are two eeprom devices connected to the bus, First eeprom chip enable connected to gnd and the Second one to vcc(differentiated by device address). When i send the resyncronization logic on the bus. only the first eeprom recovers and the second doesn't recover till power cycle. The I2C bus failure was simulated by pulling the clock low in the middle of a I2C transfer.
So We changed the logic to connect the chip enable to microcontroller so that the controller pulls them high when required (keeping the device address same), In this case both of the eeprom doesn't recover from the unknown state till power cycle.
How to implement this if multiple eeprom's are connected to the same bus. eeprom, m24m02-dr