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Can STM32Cube configure the DAC in synchronous dual mode with DMA?

Question asked by Joe Grisso on Jan 4, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2017 by Joe Grisso

Hey all,


Been poring over the STM32Cube HAL documentation for the better part of the day, scouring both the DAC and DMA portions for STM32F3 (device I'm using specifically is the STM32F373), and I can't find any way to configure the DAC and DMA for dual output mode. It seems between CubeMX code generation and the docs there's no explicit way to set up DMA to transfer 2 channels of data via synchronized dual channels. Does this "automagically" happen for DMA, or will I need to manually configure the channels outside of Cube configuration?


My goal is to have a single routine generate samples for both outputs of DAC1, then store them in a buffer to be shuffled off to the DAC via DMA. I've done this with the STM32F1 and the Standard Peripheral Library, but don't find an equivalency in STM32Cube. Any suggestions?