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Internal processing sample rate in STA309A ?

Question asked by mc3362 on Jan 3, 2017

Recently,I use STA309A in my project doing some cross-over algorithms.On the first page of STA309A it says "192 kHz internal processing sample rate",is that to say when I feed 44.1K/88.2K/176.4K IIS signal into the chip,it still runs at 192k internal processing sample rate(some sort of resampling),or it runs at 176.4K(no resampling)? I want to keep the same cross-over parametersultilizing 309`s internal BQ filters in different input samping rate,is it necessary to generate two BQ filter coefficient tables for 176.4k and 192k internal sampling rate respectively?


Besides,I manually do the arithmatics for the BQ coefficients and notice APWorkbench give me these coefficients base on only 192k internal sampling rate.I still remember my project with STA350BW years ago,it has 3 coefficient banks for different internal sampling rate(64k,88.2k and 96k),I wonder if STA309A has some register banks like STA350 has.


One more question,why STA309A eliminates the settings "extened coefficient range up to..." which in STA350BW lies in reg(0x49)/reg(0x4A)?


Thank you.