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STM32F4 Ethernet   FreeRTOS v7.5.2

Question asked by spiritlingas on Dec 30, 2016



       Does anyone tried & succeeded in STM32F4 Ethernet examples with FreeRTOS v7.5.above & LwIP 1.3 above?? I have gone all the examples provided in the internet, they all using the LwIP 1.3.2 with FreeRTOS v6.1.0 & it's working fine. Is there any reason behind using this specific combination??


I've tried porting the FreeRTOS v6.1.0 to FreeRTOS v7.5.2, the build was succeeded but while using ppp stack in LwIP my controller crashing at the start itself. The difference between the two above mentioned version of FreeRTOS is that some heap_4.c files is newly introduced in v7.5.2 & i'm currently using heap_2.c in v6.1.0 it works fine. Do i have do something in ld files?? if i build with heap_4.c?



Can anyone help me out with this issue