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Option to generate C++ project (for SW4STM32)

Question asked by NikolayBobovnikov on Dec 29, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2018 by Thomas Hoppe


Currently, there is a possibility to generate C projects for different IDEs including SW4STM32, which uses gcc for compilation. But one can also use C++ code with g++ compiler supporting cool c++11/14 features, and there may be a number of people who would like to utilize this. Right now there is no possibility to create C++ project from STM32Cube and one needs to rename main.c to main.cpp and setup compiler manually. So I suggest to add an option to generate C++ project from STM32 Cube, so that *.cpp files are generated (at least main.cpp) and g++ compiler is used in project settings. I didn't find bug/feature tracking system, so I post this suggestion here