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How find datasheet, characteristics and replacement for Bux tvs diode?

Question asked by Andriy.Andriy on Dec 29, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2017 by Andriy.Andriy

I ask about one 12v tvs-diode of ST-electronics manufacture - Bux c543. It was found on sp0812n samgung 80 gb hdd

and was soldered through due to overvoltage from psu. Now I need to relace it, but I cannot find any info in the internet on bux series tvs (just the 543- is date marking).

So I want to ask for what another tvs I could replace, could it be any 12v tvs or similar ones? Can you provide any technical characteristics of bux c543 type tvs?

For example data-sheet?

What is critical electrical characteristics of it?

On the internet forum I was proposed to use SMBJ12A diode,

is it appropriate replacement. My master after unsoldering defect bux c543

replaced it temporarily for M545 16a -- could it work temporarily?