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Request of VL53L0X

Question asked by Sun.Li.001 Sun on Dec 29, 2016
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I am using VL53L0X to perform range measurement. I knew there are C APIs and examples that provided by ST already. However, due to I am developing my project by other language, I think I should access to registers to achieving measurement.


My problem is I don't know the definition and valid value of all registers. I tried to find relevant information on and some technical forums, and got some useful clues. For example, I knew the address of VL53L0X_REG_SYSRANGE_START is 0x00 and I can configure different modes of range measurement by setting different values. Sadly, I cannot find a Spec that guides me to learn whole registers. So I will not achieve more functionalities by reading/writing registers.


So could you please provide me some relevant information or Spec which describes all registers in VL53L0X ?