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PMSM FOC 4.3 debug ST-Link error

Question asked by kiss.mucus on Dec 28, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2017 by kiss.mucus


I have a strange problem.


I use Win 10, and Keil MDK-ARM 5.11 version

I installed the newest 4.3 PMSM foc environment, and usb driver, and firmwares.

My board is NUCLEO-F303K8 and x-nucleo-ihm07m1 expansion board  


I can use the motor profiler, and the workbatch runs correctly.

The all kind of link works/st link/virtual com port...


I compiled the code in the keil5 without error.

But when i press the button to set the (st-link)debug link on the wizard screen,# the MDK-ARM is collapsed.

All other case i can set the link (example codes, own codes, different nucleo boards) except when i use 4.3 PMSM foc.

I tried to set the link with another boards but in the all cases collapsed the MDK-ARM. I think my board work well, so i have got any software/settings problem

I can do all this settings without problem in the 4.2 PMSM foc.


Can anybody help me what is my mistake?