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Does the STM32F103C8 have an I2C monitor feature?

Question asked by Moonen.Arno on Dec 26, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2016 by Moonen.Arno

I want to implement a USB to I2C adapter.

Since the STM32F103C8 has two I2C interfaces and a USB interface, it seems to be a suitable candidate.


One of the features I'm looking for is a Monitor mode.

Goal is to send all events and data going over the bus to a PC.

Can I configure the I2C peripheral to do such a thing?

(Receive all data, but do not send ACKs, because other devices on the bus do that. I would also like to be notified of STOP and START conditions.)


Or should I implement this in software ("bit banging")?