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f_write is returning fr_invalid_object error....

Question asked by kishore R on Dec 26, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2016 by kishore R

I have downloaded two example project for SD card read & write, One is  FatFS_uSD(standalone project) and second one is FatFS_uSD_RTOS(with FreeRTOS) from the ST link.


I am doing continuous write(f_write) to the sd card without any delay between two write(f_write) operation and i am running sd clock as 4mz. In each write(f_write) i am writing 10KB of data.


Now in FatFS_uSD(standalone) project,  I am able to write without any error till 3GB of data.This is fine. But same configuration and test is failing in FatFS_uSD_RTOS(with FreeRTOS) project. after writing so much of data f_write API is returning "fr_invalid_object" error. this project is not even completed 200mb of data without fail.


Is this problem with running FatFS in freeRTOS?


Please suggest something to debug and solve this issue....