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STM32F4 CubeMX Timer 2 in Gated mode with capture on chanale 1

Question asked by Har.Valery on Dec 25, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2016 by Har.Valery

I want using STM32F407 Discovery with CubeMX to initialize of Timer 2 in Gated mode with capture on Channel 1. In manual RM090 Rev 13 on page 618 and 619 there is setting to work in this mode. But if you use CubeMX, this settings could not be implemented. I mean Tim2_SMCR register and bits SMS=101 with TS=101 (SMS = Gated mode, TS= Filtered Timer input 1 (TI1FP1)). Because of gray field for TI1FP1 in CubeMX (position Trigered Source TI1FP1 is grayed, but active TI1FP2). CubeMX explain this : “An active Slave mode should be select first. This option may be unavailable if Channel 1 is used”. Where is mistake in RM090 or CubeMX?

Ok. Lets set Triger Source as TI1FP2 and try to use Timer 5 in the same mode as Timer 2. And you will see another grayed and red fields in options, that mean - you couldn’t use Timer 5 in so manner as Timer 2. Why? Timer 2 and Timer 5 are not fully independent? They use the same hardware?