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FreeRTOS+TCP and FAT Library Problem

Question asked by Ghada Dhibi on Dec 26, 2016
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I'am working with STM32L4 microcontroler including SDCard and WIFI module. 


I'am trying to implement FreeRTOS tasks to: 

  1. Connect to an FTP server
  2. View the contents of the SD Card under the FTP server. 


As mentionned on FreeRTOS website, FreeRTOS provides a new library, which allow us to use FreeRTOS+TCP and FreeRTOS+FTP, as mentionned in this link.


As first step, I tried to upgrade FreeRTOS version from V8.2.3 to V9.0.0 by copying the V9 files over the top of the V8.2.3 files before building. 


As second step, I Added FeeRTOS+ Library in my project workspace that containes: 

  • FreeRTOS+CLI 
  • FreeRTOS+FAT
  • FreeRTOS+TCP 


Unfortunately, Muliples warning and errors occurs while building my project due to this implemntation 


  1. Can someone please help me to use the FreeRTOS+ library ? 
  2. Can someone please tel me if the next release of cube MX will include the the FreeRTOS+ library? (that will contain V9.0.0 FreeRTOS version)
  3. In other case, there are other solution that let me display the content of my SDCard on an FTP server ?