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A lot of Embedded Pi left to eat

Discussion created by Clive One on Dec 22, 2016
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The Embedded Pi is an interesting board as it combines Raspberry Pi, Arduino and STM32



CooCox has disappeared at this point, and the RPi support is for the original rather than current offerings, but still a board one could mash together a clean and concise proof-of-concept, or small test deployment.


EMBEDDED PI - EMBEST - STM 32 I/O Bridge, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, 32Bit ARM Cortex M3, Arduino Compatible Connector | New… 


I'm left pondering what in the world Newark/Element14 is going to do with nearly 3200 boards? The price keeps dropping (~$25 now) but it is not low enough to move them yet, $5 perhaps?


ST-LINK connectivity can be achieved with a MikroProg adapter

mikroProg to ST-Link v2 adapter - connect mikroProg for STM32 to 20-pin male JTAG connector 


Useful things that set it apart from a NUCLEO:

Regulated 5V from 7-20 VDC external supply via barrel connector

Diode protection into Arduino VIN pin

USB Connectivity to the STM32

ISP/SPI Arduino pins

Full JTAG capable, SWV support by default