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Program does not go to entry point on debug i.e. main() with STemWin Library

Question asked by Parmar.Priyank on Dec 22, 2016
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I am working on a STM32F103 Micro-controller Board that has interfaced with TFT LCD having ST7735 controller.


Micro-controller: STM32F103RGT6

Flash Memory: 1 MB

RAM Memory: 96 KB

IDE: IAR Embedded Workbench

ST Library: HAL Library & STemwin for Graphics


I am trying to add STemWin Library in program but as I am adding it in code, the program doesn't move to entry point on debug i.e. main(). I have tried following approaches to fix it.

1. Changing Linker File data (RAM Range, ROM Range, Stack and Heap Size) [File_1]

2. Changing memory allocation in LCDConf.c and GUIConf.c that allocates memory to STemWin.[File_2]

3. Changing IAR Settings in debugger "Tick and Untick" > Run to "main"[File_3]


I have attached all the related files.

Observation : All the registers including PC are not initialising with their initial values on debug.


It would be highly appreciated for any kind of suggestion or options.


Thank you in advance.