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Need support for the I2C in stm32f4 discovery board.

Question asked by Modi.Parth on Dec 24, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 24, 2016 by S. Marsanne


We are evaluating stm32f4 discovery board.we have connected the LSM9DS0 with stm32f4 via I2C communication.we are read the one default register from the LSM9DS0 accelerator,But we can not able to read this register.we are use the IAR IDE for the development.we generated the code using the STM32CubeMX software for I2c1.

We have below attached code for your reference.

We also not get kHz clock on scl line.We tried to see the scl clock on CRO.

Please help us to make I2c code work for me.

Please share us example code for stm32f4 discovery board for i2c read and write operation using the polling method. 

Any help would be appreciated ?


Parth Modi