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make pre-calibration time shorter

Question asked by ishikawa.yu on Dec 22, 2016
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I'm using multiple vl6180x devices and want them to work more quick.

However, when the second device starts in pre-calibration time of first device, the range data looks wrong.

When I set the interval more than 4ms between two devices, their range data looks correct.

So, I guess that in the case that two devices work simultaneously in their pre-calibration time, the interference occurs.

Then, I would like to ask whether I make pre-calibration time shorter than 4.3ms or skip pre-calibration phase.

I read the data sheet of vl6180X and found the pre-calibration time is fixed.

However, I want absolutely multiple vl6180x devices to work simultaneously.

Otherwise, I want them to work more quickly (less than 4ms interval). 

Is it possible?


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