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STVD improvements

Question asked by marton.miklos on Dec 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2017 by marton.miklos

Dear ST!


As a hobby STM8 user I am forced to use the STVD with Cosmic compiler because this is the only free development environment with debug capabilities.


I would have the following suggestions to make the usage of tool less painful (because it is right now...).


- Add a do not show this dialog again options for this dialog:



I am using git which strips out the \r-s from the files, and it is pretty annoying to click on this dialog every time when a file is opened. Furthermore as the notification says only some compilers are require this (Cosmic does not).


- Add option to start the debugger automatically. It is very annoying to press F5 every time when I start debugging.


- It would be great if the start and stop debugging would have a shortcut key.


- It would be great if the debugger would be stopped automatically if the debugger sense an error:


- Add ability to add watch variables while the debugged program is running. It would not be an issue if those variables would not be refreshed until the debugger is halted next time.


- Add ability to add breakpoints on the fly. If it is not possible to halt the debugger on the newly added points until the CPU is halted that should not be an issue.


- I have noticed that saving a file takes a lot of time in a larger project with a lot of C files. Long means seconds which makes me nervous every time. After poking with ProcesExplorer it revealed that a gcc.exe is run every time to generate dumb warnings to the tools pane like:


fatal error: stdint.h: No such file or directory


This does not made any sense for me so I have created a dummy executable which just simply exits after it received the file contents through the stdin. After replacing the gcc.exe with my fake one my development speed increased a lot.


If any of the problems above would require more resources than you have please consider open sourcing the tool.


I think STM8 is a great architecture, but currently it lacks a good free development environment with debugging capabilities. STVD+Cosmic was the closest hit to this goal.


Thanks in advance!