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Cubemx 4.18 ADC Configuration change

Question asked by Ole56 on Dec 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2017 by Jeanne Joly

Good morning,


In my project I use STM32F303RC and I have two ADCs working with DMAs and triggered by a timer. ADC1 has two analog channels to be sampled, ADC4 only one. While I was working with CubeMX 4.17 I had no problems.

Then I updated CubeMX to 4.18. I did not change my program at all, but ADC1 stopped working correctly.


For some reason in the ADC1 configuration CubeMX added this part:


/**Configure the ADC multi-mode
multimode.TwoSamplingDelay = ADC_TWOSAMPLINGDELAY_1CYCLE;
if (HAL_ADCEx_MultiModeConfigChannel(&hadc1, &multimode) != HAL_OK)


This caused the ADC1 to work correctly only in DEBUG mode but not in RUN mode. It took me a bit to find out that this was the cause. When I remove this initialization everything works fine again.


Now, my question is very easy: Is this Multi-mode correct, and I am doing something wrong not considering it, or it is inserted when it should not be?


Thank you very much!