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switching ADC with multi channel

Question asked by nik.navid on Dec 21, 2016

Dear all

I am using ADC in stm8s105c6. I use ADC1 for two channel for example AIN9 and AIN8.

the problem is that when I switch the ADC1 from channel 9 to 8 the output result of the are being swapped.

the input signal which is connected to the channel 9 gives the result of the input signal which is connected to channel 8 and vice versa.

this the code that use.

     ADC1->CSR &= 0x00;
     ADC1->CSR |= 0x09;
     ADC1->CSR &= 0x00;
     ADC1->CSR |= 0x08;

(but when I use just one channel everything is ok);

Many Thanks for your help.