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NUCLEO STM32F031K6 Pinout

Question asked by sarn on Dec 20, 2016
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I'm putting together a project based on the Nucleo-F031K6 board, but I've had real trouble tracking down clear and accurate pinout definitions for the board. The first information I stumbled across was the user manual for the STM32 Nucleo-32 (pages 21-22), which lists pins PB3, PB4, and PB5 as the SPI1 output pins. However, I was confused to find that this conflicts with the pins used in the examples included with the STM32Cube code library (PA5, PA6, PA7). Upon further investigation I discovered that page 27 of the datasheet for the STM32F031K6 MCU disagrees with the Nucleo user manual, but agrees with the code in the STM32Cube library.


To me it seems obvious that the MCU datasheet and code examples are most likely to be correct. If this is the case, can the user manual for the Nucleo-32 please be updated with the correct pinout?