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STM32L476, application not running. Help needed for debug?

Question asked by ZAMAN.MD_SABBIR_BIN on Dec 20, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2016 by ZAMAN.MD_SABBIR_BIN

I was working with STM32L476RGT6. The IDE used for programming was Keil and initialization was done by stm32cubemx. I was using stm32L4 discovery kit to externally program the MCU and STLINK was connector was removed. Everything was working fine until I had to reinstall Windows in my computer. After that, I installed Keil again, stm32cubemx again. But when I download program to flash, keil shows successful download and application running. Nothing changes in my MCU, I even tried led blinking to one of my output pins. When I debug, I found I see nothing working on the CPU. Even when I press the reset cpu, I attached the ST-Link Debugger Setting. I am clueless now. Please help? I will provide more info if you need. I resoldered the mcu with a new because I thought my first mcu might be dead.