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Enter DFU mode using Dfuse Tool

Question asked by Gamini.Lakshmi_Lavan on Dec 19, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2017 by Imen D

Hi all,

I am able to jump from my application to DFU Bootloader code and able to update my new firmware image with gpio interrupt, here i need one external interrupt to enter in to DFU for that i am thinking to use the Enter DFU mode button in the Dfuse tool.

So, I enabled the HID class and changed the Product id to DFU id (dfu11), with that i am able to see my Device as a DFU device. Here i want to get the Enter DFU mode/ HID detach command but it is disabled(i.e Greyed out) in the Dfuse tool.

I tried by sending the Report descriptor whatever provided in the document, but no luck.
I am using Stm32l476Z eval board and Dfuse v3.0.5.


Can anybody explain me how to get the Enter DFU mode/ HID Detach command from the Dfuse tool.