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CubeMX / Eclipse project -  boot from flash

Question asked by Francesco Agosti on Dec 16, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2017 by Fabbrini.Sergio.001

Hello, I have a generic stm32f103C8T6 board and I am having troubles booting projects I create with STM32CubeMX from the internal flash.

I create an empty ARM STM32F103 project in Eclipse, generate code in Cube and then use a python script to copy code into my eclipse project.

I can build and flash the elf / hex using my J-Link and I can debug the uploaded software, no problem there, works like a charm (led blinks, USART sends data...).

However, if I try to boot my device, it will "freeze".

I thought it was an issue with the BOOT0 / BOOT1 configuration, but now I know it is not the case.

In fact other projects I create in Eclipse and for which I do not import Cube code, work via debugger or booting from flash indifferently.


So I guess this is due to the system\src\cmsis\startup_stm32f103xb.S file that replaces the standard system\src\cmsis\vectors_stm32f10x.c file... but I don't seem to find anything wrong with it (I am a noob tho...)


Any suggestions?



In attach the startup file generated by STM32CubeMX